Quality Assurance
We understand how critical role quality play for a manufacturing company. Quality is undeniably important factor for securing maximum client-assurance. Since start, we have given foremost priority to quality of our Nutritional Health Supplement, Protein Powder and Dietary Supplements. Our company works on a quality-assurance plan formed by expert quality trainers. Based on this plan, we test our offered produce at in-house laboratory on various quality and safety parameters. Our company also makes use of quality-assured packaging material for offering impurity and damage free range to its clients.

Team of Experts

Our healthcare company has won loyalty of customers due to untiring efforts of team members. These dexterous employees divided in quality checking department, manufacturing plant, administrative section, research & development unit and marketing section, work in collaboration to acquire high client satisfaction. To gain competitive advantages, these professionals beside finishing allotted business tasks on time, form strategic promotional policies to draw attention of customers. Also, they build strong and cordial relationship with clients and courteously handle their queries.

Infrastructure/ Facilities

Our manufacturing plant is located at village Kunja (HP), that helps in conducting manufacturing process.

Land : Concerned land is spread across 4.5 bighas and is situated at Kunja Paonta Sahib, (HP). It confirms to all the rules and norms proposed by state industrial board.

Building: Our industrial building holds permit to manufacture pharmaceutical products and confirms to all the regulations laid down in factories act 1948 (63 of 1948). Our factory also complies with the norms mentioned in the Schedule M of the drugs and cosmetic rules 1945. It has adequate water facilities and storage area. Proper controlled environment for humidity, temperature and underground drainage system is provided. Our factory has excellent ventilation, sanitation and lighting facilities. Further the air intel points are properly attached to the walls. In aseptic areas  air is supplied through bacteria retaining filters which freshens its it up and eliminates chances of impurity. Also, the disposal waste water is done as per water pollution control regulation.

Our factory has below mentioned departments:

  • Administrative Block
  • Main Production block and wire block
  • Quality Control Block
  • Service and technical Zone

We are licensed by drug controller for efficient marketing of pharmaceutical products and nutritional health supplement. Our company has capacious storage place where range is kept properly.

Our Corporate office is situated at SCO 19, (Industrial Phase 2, Chandigarh) where business operations, like billing, accounts handling and promotion products are carried out. Our manufacturing unit is outfitted with latest machines, equipment and tools. Further, our company is a registered member at Google India trade India, IDR & Drug Today.

Warehouse and Packaging
Our business enterprise has spacious warehouse spread across in huge area at Zirakpur. It is segregated into two sections. One is for storing Injections and the other one is for Tablets & Capsules. To make the task of identification easy for drug authorities, our company stores its range categorically under proper labeling. Our storage house is regularly sanitized for having pest free environment. We use impeccable quality of packaging material for damage free transportation of tablets, injections and syrups.

Contract Manufacturing
Our company works as contract Manufacturer and offers its clients quality-approved pharmaceutical range. To conduct hassle free production process, we have constructed capacious manufacturing plant. The huge production space helps personnel in completing undertaken projects on time. We manufacture capsules (Non Beta Lectum), sachets and oral liquids with GMP assay component 102%.

Binding Agents:
Our company uses quality-approved binding agents such as PVPK-30 unlike other manufacturers who use low-cost gelatin.

Companies usually give more importance to raw material, but what they ignore is excipient which also play essential role in manufacturing of any product. In Azithromycin tablets, our company uses best quality of excipient like Microcrystalline cellulose powder-102 & Dibasic calcium phosphate  grade.

Our business enterprise use advanced polymer based coating material from Colorcon & Instacoat. We also make use of non-aqueous coating materials such as  Methyline di-hydrochloride & ISO propyl Alcohol for smooth finish.

Disintegration is without any glimpse of doubt one of the important factors for getting desired results. Many times even after using quality-approved raw materials, customers do not attain desired products. This happens due to improper disintegration. For speedy disintegration, our company uses  quality-assured disintegratants, like Sodium Loryl Sulpate, Sodium Starch Glycolate and Cross carmellose sodium. Our company ensures its disintegration time 7 to 8 minutes.

Active Raw Material:
Our active raw material are procured from reputed companies. The raw material used in making Azithromycin & Aceclofenac combination tablets are procured from 'Pharmson' that holds great repute in Aceclofenac & Azithromycin manufacturing. Further, raw material used in making Paracetamol combination tablets are bought from 'Shree Krishna Pharma'.

Serratiopeptidase is an enzyme which tends to lose effectiveness (Enzymatic Activity) while storage. To overcome this potency loss and to
ensure 100% results, our company provides 45% overages of Serratiopeptidase.


For proper dissolution of drug  like Azithromycin in the body, we use  expensive ingredient that gives proper dissolution according to pharmacopoeial standards. Though as per pharmacopoeial standard, limit is not less than 75% but our company provide dissolution more than 95%.

Fill Volume:

To supply 100%  pure Azithromycin, our company fills tablets with 275 mg of Azithromycin Dihydrate unlike 250 mg as prescribed by  pharmacopeial requirement.

Hence, to ensure that patients get 100% pure Azithromycin, the tablet has to be filled with 275 mg of Azithromycin Dihydrate instead of 250 mg as per pharmacopeial requirement.

Why Us ?
We are an ethical business unit that manufactures its range using quality-approved material and advance technology. Our company with the help of its team members conduct deep researches to come up with most effective healthcare solutions. We offer easy and flexible payment options to clients for trouble free transactions.

Mentioned below are our few qualities that will compel you to choose us in need of better healthcare products:

  • Free sampling policy
  • Rich industry experience
  • Spacious warehouses
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing collaboration
  • Wide manufacturing facility
  • Wide range of products

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